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SongLink Subscriber Success Stories

MC Andrew Love

MC Andrew Love
"Hi David, the SongLink lead for MC Andrew Love has led to the release, across the major platforms, of "I Don't Trust No-One" which I co-wrote with Andrew and David Brown. I also produced the track. Further to that MC Andrew Love will shortly release his version of my song "I Will Prove My Love". Thanks and best wishes."

William Allen
Writer/producer, Derbyshire, UK

"Hi David, last month, I released an album under the "SuperCool-Guy" name ("So That's How It Ended...") in which 4 of the song were co-written with lyricist Gavin Clifton, whom I met via SongLink. So, I guess if it weren't for SongLink, this album would not have come into being!"

Arnaud Robin
Writer/Producer, London

"Thank you David, yes please renew! I've had two artist cuts thanks to SongLink! Great resource!! Have a super day."

Robbi Atkins, songwriter
Corpus Christi, Texas

"Hi David, on behalf of myself and Darren Parry (my co-writer) I want to thank you because we have now signed a licensing agreement for one of our songs called "Played Your Cards Too Late" to be recorded and cut on Mick Mason's forthcoming album. This lead was in February's edition of SongLink so we extend our gratitude to you. Keep the leads coming, please!"

Gavin Clifton, lyricist
Newbridge, Gwent

"Hi David, we had huge response from your SongLink pitch, largest ever with over 45 plus enquiries. Thank you!"

Unie Moller
Sexy Records, South Africa/UK

"Hi David, we recorded a song from Sky Black for one of our acts and have attached the MP3 and video link, let us know what you think."

Cecil Thompson
CT Entertainment
Belfast, N. Ireland

"I'm pleased to confirm that the following song has been licensed and published by Hook and Rhyme Records via SongLink International thank you so much David - "Every Time" written by SongLink members Jeremy Thomas & Rod Thomas. Absolutely superb service. The response was excellent."

Riq Ali
Hook & Rhyme Records, UK

"Hey David, the response from SongLink writers and publishers was great. Your organization is fantastic and l highly recommend SongLink for songs, co-writers and collaborations."

Devine Taylor
Sound Circus Records


Cliff Richard

Cliff Richard
"Hi David, I am a London-based writer/producer signed to Kobalt Music. I'm very happy to have written the song "Gonna Be Alright" on the new Cliff Richard album "Rise Up". The album made its entry onto the UK album chart at No. 2 in November 2018. I've had lots of cuts in Europe, USA and various international territories. My style cuts across all kinds of genres."

Peter Wright
Writer/Producer (UK)


Ben Davidson

Ben Davidson
"Hi David, my co-writers and I have had some pretty big things happen this year, we've secured 6 artist cuts so far, 4 of which have been through SongLink as well many new connections made so big thanks to you! The one we secured through SongLink was for UK artist Ben Davidson at Energise Records. It started off as one song that is now going to be the lead single off the album and as a result of us working with him, we have now four songs on his album and I am producing and mixing half of it! Thanks again!"

Dan Scholes
UK writer/producer


"Hot news David! Delighted to learn that a SongLink connection has led to a #1 song in China! 'Pull Up' by Cai Xukun is currently #1 on first day of release and was co-written by Michael Macdermid, David Brant, Rajiv, Fidarri and Ryan Curtis who hooked up a while back via Songlink, big congrats to all!"

Michael Macdermid
Songwriter, UK


"David, clearly you must be a great songplugger as many of the songs are quite strong. I have an artist who is extremely focused on what works for her. I sent everything to her as I do all the submissions, but I have told her to listen more closely to your pitches. If anything happens with any of these for our project of course you'll hear from us. Overall, terrific songs. I will be keeping them on file no matter what."

Cheers, Fred M.
(Nashville label)


"David, thanks a million for your listing on the Shannon Woods project. Thanks to your listing we have been able to choose all the songs for the album. First single hits the airways March 1."

Sincerely, Mike Hilliard
Hilliard Entertainment, BMI


"Hi David, just a note to say that my song 'Hurting Like a Child' is being released on Ronan Parke's new alum 'Found My Way' released on 9th November. I reached Ronan through a SongLink lead. So many thanks. Seriously, I have tried many of the many of the popular tipsheets over the last few years and SongLink is the only one that gets you link with real people in the industry."

Best, Dave Coe
Songwriter, UK


"Hi David, lust to let you know that Ira Losco in Malta cut two songs on her album in June thanks to a SongLink ad., which you may recall. The first info we had confirming was a friend congratulating one of the writers, Abi, on Facebook, But anyway, they are out! Big thanks & congrats to SongLink!"

Bruce Robert Francis Smith
Lyricist, Netherlands/UK


"Hi David, great leads from your SongLink for Gregg Sutton. He is co-writing with at least one of them. Thank you and will keep you up with what happens."

Glenn H. Friedman
The Music Umbrella (LA)


"Hi David, it's been very helpful, I have 4 songs coming out in the UK in the next 2 months due to SongLink. Please re-up me."

Noel Cohen
Writer, NYC


"Yes, I'm very happy with your service. It looks like that by the end of the year we will have two songs out of SongLink clients in international Top 40 Charts. I will inform you regarding details on the outcome."

Millo Loncina
Producer, Slovenia


"Hi David, I can't wait to get it, what a brilliant service."

Jess Appla
Songwriter, UK


"Hi David, we're responding to submitters and think your service is great, also the way you handle all the follow-ups. So far we have found 3 songs that are in further consideration and will let those submitters know as well, they and we are excited about it."

Zach, A&R
Amiville Music


David Stark, Hayley McKay & Ron McCreight (plugger)

David Stark, Hayley McKay & Ron McCreight (plugger)
"Hayley McKay's next single, and the lead single off her debut album, is titled "Chance To Change". It came to us via SongLink from a couple of Irish writers, Aoibheann Carey Philpott and Joe Carey Jnr, who were part of a band called Jodavinho. We met with Aoibheann back in October on Hayley's promo tour to Ireland - she's obviously delighted the song got picked up. The impact date is March 16th, and we then have the second single "Ghosted" impacting on April 20th closely followed by the album on April 27th. Many thanks again for running the lead!"

Ian St. James
Manager, Hayley McKay


"Our artist Olivia released her first single, 'Ready To Fall', a SongLink placed song, written by Mandi Kitchen. We are currently working on her second (also a SongLink submission), and have three other songs licensed (all SongLink submissions)."

Jereme Eklund
MusicTree Pro, USA


"Hi David, very happy with response to our leads, a great service. We will be posting some more requirements soon, thank you."

Jeremy Medcalf
Legacy Records, UK


"Hi David, we were very impressed with the quality of the submissions. You have some great writers on your books. Thanks for all your help so far. I'm sure to come knocking on your door again!"

Jan van Mesdag
Producer, London


"We've got some great submissions and think that we have enough music. Look forward to more listings in the future. Thanks!"

Andrew Bunel
Bandhouse Mgmt, Nashville


"Your service has always been good. Response has been immediate. Occasionally I receive music that has not been what I've requested, but on the whole the material has been excellent. Keep it up David and I hope to see you at Midem."

Jan Cooper
Pump Records, Canada


"Really enjoying the service and getting a lot of potential contacts as a result. Great service you offer here David."

Dan Scholes
Songwriter/artist, UK


"Hi David, feel free to renew me. Also, just today, Sony released "Miracle" by Matteo Markus Bok (Sony Germany) for the world! I also have his next single, "Sunshower" coming out in a couple weeks!"

Michael Guerriero
Writer/producer, NYC


"Hi David, I have a song on Michael McDonald's new album "Wide Open" which comes out on September 15th. The song is called "Blessing In Disguise" and I wrote it with Michael about 9 years ago so it was worth waiting for! Branford Marsalis plays some amazing sax on the track. Hope you are well."

John Peppard
Songwriter, UK


"Good news David, the song that I found through SongLink called 'See You Dance' will be my artist's Rajiv next single."

David Brant
Producer, UK


"I've had a few cuts through SongLink this year and in fact one of the artists, Ming Bridges, was one I met via SongLink and we just had a song go top 10 in 8 countries on Warners."

Michael McDermid
Writer, UK


"Hi David, we were lucky to get our track 'Julie In The Meantime' included on the Natalia album (Universal Belgium) thanks to SongLink. It was written by Katherine Owens, David A. Stewart (Eurythmics), Dai Smith and Paul Jones. Thanks again to you and SongLink. The Elements are a songwriting/production team, writing and producing songs across the whole spectrum of musical genres and styles. Between them they have written songs which have led to record and publishing deals with Sony S2, Sony ATV Music, Atlantic and Warner Brothers. They also often co-write with American lyricist Charlie Mason, whose credits include releases with Miley Cyrus, Eric Saade, BoA, Sergey Lazarev and Sarah Connor."

Dai Smith
The Elements, UK


"Hi David, we have a cover of our track "Only I" recorded by Kirsten Orsborn for New Atlantic Records who has done a great job on the song. We're pleased to say that this connection came about through SongLink - thanks!"

David Buskell
World Domination Music Ltd, UK


"Hi David, I've placed songs with two of your leads recently - I've got 3 on the Rajiv album via producer David Brant and I'm also working with female artist Ming Bridges. Thanks again for all the great leads."

Mike Macdermid, UK


"Just to let you know that we've currently got a single at #1 in the iTunes charts Germany & Switzerland from your leads. The artist's name is Lamiya on the Peppermint Jam label. Just wanted to say "Thank you!!"

Malcolm Connell
10 Worlds Music, UK


"Great list David, right up my street. Loads of country and country/rock. Very pleased - thank you and best regards."

Philip Rambow
RDJ Recordings Ltd., UK


"Due to the amazing service you offer and the additional networking that came about, I have found all the material for my upcoming album release. I have many additional exciting things to add with regard to writers, musicians, etc. Best wishes."

Bryan Cole
Perfect Vision Ent., USA


"Thank you so much for reaching out to us. Song link has proven to be an extremely successful tool in finding songs for our artist Bryan Cole. It is through your site that we found almost all of the material for Bryan's upcoming record."

Jon Bass
Perfect Vision Ent., USA


"Thanks to a SongLink lead, Maria Papakiridou, a gifted singer from Greece, just recorded a ballad of mine - "All My Dreams Begin with You." Maria's vocal is powerful and I believe that good things are going to happen with the track. Take a listen at David, thanks, as always, for the great opportunities SongLink provides."

Ed Chalfin
Magic Fire Music (ASCAP)


"Hello David, I hope this finds you well and in the pink.. Thought this might interest you since it emanated from our association with Billy Meshel via SongLink. My song Golden Yearz is an original by and charts the history of Dante, Martin and Burrows. The track will be issued under the artist title 'The Naimz". An album is also on going, warmest greetings."

David Martin
Old Dogs New Trax, UK


"Hi David, thank you for the SongLink leads. I`ve got one of my songs on the new album project for Zaena Morisho (USA) plus loads of interest from new contacts, and co-write sessions booked. Brilliant results,considering I've only been back with SongLink for a couple of weeks. Many thanks, Jim."

Jim Beadle
Beat Factory, UK


"David, without SongLink I would have never got my first song cut back in 1998! That opportunity gave me the springboard to break into an industry which I'm very lucky and proud to still be a part of. Thank you so much!"

Pete Kirtley, UK


"Hi David, I'd like to thank you for the excellent service you've provided during the past 12 months."

Dave Callaghan, UK


"I've had some good luck recently, placed a song with David Brant for RAJIV and also co-writing with Ming Bridges soon too amongst other successes. Kind regards."

Michael Macdermid
Our Songwriter, UK


"SongLink has played a key role in the selection of the UK's entry for this year's Eurovision Song Contest, as the song selected "Still In Love With You" was entered as a direct result of songwriter David Mindel reading about the BBC's open contest in SongLink last autumn. The electro-swing song was co-written by Mindel & Adrian Bax White, and performed by new duo Electro Velvet (Alex Larke and Bianca Nicholas) who will represent the UK at the 60th Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna on May 23rd."


"It's best not to miss a single edition because that's how I found Jenny May in Latvia - she's recording my track this Friday so that's all going very well. One never knows when a similar opportunity might present itself."

Mark Lewczynski, UK


"I am happy to report I have a song on hold with a major UK recording artist through my SongLink submission. YOU ROCK! Thank you for what you do David."

Gil Polk
A Better Cut Music (ASCAP)


"I am enjoying SongLink a lot, every issue brings new contacts for me and success!"

Stefan Trenker, Austria


"Hi David, I've tried to get back to most submissions, but in general response was excellent, thank you!"

David Brant
Producer/Writer/Manager, UK


"David, we are recording two albums in March. Thanks to SONGLINK, three of the songs were supplied by you. Your service is terrific. It's our #1 choice. Keep up the good work."

Jack Gale
Playback Records, Canada


"UK "Popera" singer Rose Jang is recording a song of mine called "Phoenix". Another SongLink success!"

Bruce Smith,
The Netherlands


"Hi David, have just received a mail that Mike Maclachlan from London has placed 3 songs with Eddy B. Walding, Ebola Records."

Ellie Weinert
Songs Wanted, Munich


"David, I wanted you to know that I have gotten action with my songs though your tipsheet, am very pleased."

Larry Weiss
Rhinestone Cowboy Music


"David thanks to your ad in SongLink, The Lords (Bellaphon Germany) are cutting a song I'm representing. Appreciate the leads...keep them coming!"

Bob Dellaposta
My Three Kids Music, Nashville


"We had a great response!! Still reviewing material and will be contacting the people who submitted material for consideration in due course."

Colin Eade
Fave Records, UK


"David, just a note to say "thanks" for including Playback Records needs for songs. Our sessions with Caitlin, David Carter, and Melissa Greenwood have all included songs from writers who saw our listing in SongLink. Thanks again."

Jack Gale
Playback Records


"The response has been phenomenal. We have received many quality songs. The response has been phenomenal. We have enough for 3 albums!! Your service has been great and I thank you so very much David for an excellent service."

Juliana Storace
Gottardo Storace Musica


"We've used a song called "Last Breath" for Belle Harmonie submitted by Danny Wilkinson through SongLink. I was really impressed with the general quality of submissions from the service."

Tim Jenkins


"Great work. Boy does this make my job a lot easier. I have been in the business since 1957 and have always had problems getting original music for my artists. With SongLink just type a few lines and clean out the emails and post office box. Great work keep it up."

Bennye St. Claire
Texas Universal Managament & Records


"We have found 5 songs for the debut album by Austrian Eurovision contestant Natália Kelly (Universal Music). Congratulations to these SongLink subscribers: Noel Cohen/Dan Zweben (Bok Music/Shorewood Songs/Wild Pink Music/Emory's Songs); Gail Vareilles/Matthew Anthony; Imi Molnar/Szilva Vecserdy/Chris Landon (Krisland Music(BMI)/Szilva Vecserdy Music (ASCAP)/Imi Molnar Music); Marissa DiBlasio/Kathy Miller (Marissa DiBlasio Publishing/Jupiter Moon Publishing)."

Alexander Kahr
Producer, Austria


"Hi David, just to let you know that Roland Billberg has just written to me and my publisher to say that they are now finalising things for a global release of Linda Lundqvist's album and that my song "The One" will be on the album. It's a song that I wrote in Nashville with Benita Hill (who wrote several # 1s for Garth Brooks including "Two Pina Coladas") and I pitched it to Roland, Linda's manager, through SongLink. The version that Linda does uses the track that I recorded at my studio. Thank you to SongLink!"

John Peppard


"Hi David, the feedback from your subscribers have been excellent and we have now selected all the material for the new album by Linda Lundqvist. Thanks for your great support!"

Roland Billberg
Billberg Entertainment, Sweden


"Great response to my lead. Thank you for this excellent source of original material."

John Pineiro, Producer
Perfect Image Recording, US


Velvet Steel

Velvet Steel
"Hi David, the group Velvet Steel has recorded "THESE BLUES IN THE NIGHT", writers Norman Kerner and George Gesner. It will be part of their upcoming album to be released in early 2013. Connor and Kierstyn recorded "TILL THE DAY I MET YOU", writers Norman Kerner and Tanya Bolic. Their record company Nene Musik has just re-mixed the tracks and they plan to release the song to the public in the first quarter of 2013. On Oct. 31, New Atlantic Records artists Sian and Megz recorded "TILL THE DAY I MET YOU", writers Norman Kerner and Tanya Bolic. A music video was created for the song. Finally, "PIANO ON A MOON" (Kerner-Ranger) and "EL DICHOSO SOY YO" (Kerner-Moreno) were recorded and released by Jason Condello. Thanks for all the leads David."

Norman Kerner
KernerSongs, USA


"Dear David & SongLink team: We truly appreciate the SongLink service! We keep coming back, and are always able to find great songs for our artists. We will be back soon with another listing, many thanks!!"

Simon Becker
JR2Ventures, Vancouver, BC


"Hi David, we got great response for our artist Hilda. Definitely the right songs!! I will keep you posted on that. I am currently securing the authorisations to record for these songs. Best regards,"

Gerard Kerkvliet
C&G Music Partners, France


"Hi David, I'm very pleased with the response to my SongLink listing for The Long & Short of It. I have been responding to all submissions with a confirmation that I received their submission and an invitation to send more songs. Thanks again and best regards,"

James Rea
The Producer's Chair, Nashville, TN


SongLink Success Story Jeronimo

"Hi David, about 2 years ago we placed a request for songs for a boyband. It didn't work out but after we dropped the project we continued with one of the boys, Jeronimo. Out of the 16 songs on his album, 12 came from writers we met via SongLink, including US subscriber Charlie Mason who co-wrote Jeronimo's current new single 'Firefly' and eight other tracks. The album 'One Kiss' has been released in Holland, Belgium and a dozen other countries. Other SongLink tracks include 'Some Other Way' by Andrzej Reijman / James Stevenson (UK), 'Wake Up' by Michael Richards (USA) and 'Somebody Who Loves Me' by Marvin 'not Profane' Eckert (Germany) which has been a chart single in the Netherlands. The new single 'Firefly' is also the title song for the Dutch movie 'The Battle' in which Jeronimo also has a leading role as actor, coming out on October 10th. The song is currently used by Belgian TV channel Anne.Be as a 30 sec image-spot. Again, thank you for the support, and I will be back soon looking for new songs."

Charly Prick
CP Management, Netherlands


"Hi David, just wanted to say a BIG thank you to you and SongLink. I am now a fully fledged, published songwriter and have a London publisher who is about to pitch my latest songs to Disney for TV/Film. I first got away 'Hold Me Close' to Jennifer Meade ('Loveville' album) and it's been top of her popularity ratings on iTunes for months and months, out of all her 128 tracks she's ever done. Had lots of radio plays of other stuff and currently have two interested parties fighting to record another one of my songs. SongLink got me off the starting post and am now being asked to write for specific artists, so I always praise SongLink to other budding writers looking for the success I now enjoy."

Gill Rose
Norfolk, UK


SongLink Success Story Norman Kerner

Norman Kerner
"David, I have never taken the time to praise you and thank you for all you've done for music on an international scale, but now I say to you 'thanks' for your passion and your energy and for your SongLink International. For me, it's the one thing that keeps me connected to the world of music. I have met and connected with artists and music business folks I never would have known. I can only pray that you will keep on keepin' on!"

Norman Kerner
Kernersongs, USA


"Keep up good work at SongLink, it has been money well spent, for my co-writer and I."

James Stephenson
Glasgow, UK


SongLink Success Story Kitty Brucknell

Kitty Brucknell
"To all at SongLink - Amazing!! I've found some incredible songs!!"

Amy Hart
Manager of Kitty Brucknell (X Factor)
London W11


"Hi David, just wanted to say that my listing in SongLink has received a tremendous response. The calibre of the candidates was quite remarkable. Please keep up the good work, I'll be subscribing very soon!"

Wayney Menezes
VoidRecords, UK


Hi David,

  All as a direct result of Songlink:-

  • I did a licensing deal with Triple M Music (German) for an R&B/Pop that I co-wrote for Ilahama (Azerbaijan X Factor type show winner)
  • I placed a hip hop instrumental with Danish teen star rapper Honik via his producer  Mark Wild. We did a 50/50 writing split on the track and negotiations are under way between Honik's management and 2 major labels in Denmark. What I didn't know at the time of submitting is that Honik is a big star out in Denmark. He acted in a big movie smash in summer 2011 and has a large amount of you tube hits which have led to the major label interest. Sometimes these type of placements pay off and sometimes they don't, in this case it looks like its paid off!
  • I got a ballad published with Silk and Denim Music, Nashville who have since found a sync placement for it. I have since formed a great working relationship with them and done a publishing deal for another track and further projects are being talked of.
  • I teamed up with topline writer David Flynn on a 50/50 writing split on an instrumental I submitted to him for a pop track for a well known boyband. Major label placement is in talks on that one. 
  • I am just about to do a publishing deal for an R&B/Dance/Pop track with Better Choice Music, Nashville.

  On top of this I have formed strong working relationships with numerous other people/companies as a result of SongLink. It has made a huge impact on my career and I will continue to subscribe and to send the good word about Songlink to all the other producers, artists and bands that I know!

  David, from the bottom of my heart - thank you for all that you do.

Jonny Amos


Hi David,

  I just thought you might like some feedback on your service, IT'S BRILLIANT !!!

  I have, for the last year, been using Taxi, Music X-Ray and amongst many others and have found the whole experience a bit of an empty void, where I keep paying for each individual pitch only to get no reply at all or very limited feedback, which is both unhelpful and just plain confusing - to the point where one of their pitch opportunities was so precise and virtually written specifically for one of my songs, but yet, I didn't even get forwarded by their chipmunks, which kinda left me thinking "what the hell do you have to do to get a forward?."

  Sour grapes aside, I've only been using your service for 3 months and I already have 1 song on hold with a film pitch, with an invitation to send in more, an offer of a collaboration later in the year, a couple of "open doors" and one song that reached the "2nd listen" stage for an Irish band and which was actually trialled by the lead singer in question only to be finally discarded but, returned with a wonderfully encouraging email from the artist's management.

  So, although I do an awful lot of speculative pitching myself, and I'm doing great in terms of "nearlys," it's great to know your leads are qualified and actually have a human being on the other end of the email. It makes it a whole lot easier to build relationships for future projects they may have. Put simply...Thank you!

Kind regards,

Graham Turner
Songwriter, UK

June 2011


My Song Cuts Through SongLink
By Niall Toner (Ireland)

Most songwriters will agree that it's usually the personal touch that counts when it comes to getting your songs recorded. All too often, writers treat the business like a fishing trip, and end up feeling frustrated, having used all their "bait" to try and lure a cut, rather than being more focussed and finding out what kind of songs an artist might want to record, rather than bombarding the artist, or manager, or producer, with a whole heap of stuff, and ending up with nothing.

SongLink Success Story Niall Toner
Niall Toner

SongLink has proved invaluable to me in this regard. Firstly there's the actual lead, and usually a brief description of the style, genre and format that will be accepted, and very often a tip with regard to the number of songs that should be submitted. The lead will usually also include a contact number or an email address. The other, and very important part of the equation is that you have to have the songs, and they have to be in some sort of reasonable demo format, and then it's a question of putting the two together...

Back in the early '90s. I had been writing with a whole slew of (mostly) American writers, but I was frustrated at the lack of covers for my songs, and hence the severe lack of commercial sucess. On the strength of a couple of minor covers for my songs in Ireland I had secured a small publishing deal with Bardis Music Ltd. in Dublin, but I also felt that I should be proactive myself in trying to secure covers. I had written a song called Mood Swing with Keith Sewell and Wendy Buckner from Nashville during their visit to Dublin in 2000, we had a fairly decent demo of the song. I had pitched it to everybody I could think of, and I became increasingly frustrated at the lack of response, as I thought it was a great song. One day I was listenig to a Bill Wyman CD at home, and it struck me that my song might suit his style, so I called SongLink editor David Stark and asked him if he had a number for Bill Wyman. David duly obliged and I called the Ripple Records office in London and spoke to a very nice receptionist who asked me to send on my song. This I did, and a couple of weeks later I got an email to say that Albert Lee had been in the office, heard the song, brought it with him to the studio where Bill Wyman was recording, and the next thing you know, "Mood Swing" is on their album, "Groovin'", which was released worldwide in 2000. My first major "cut"...

The fact that Albert Lee was instrumental in securing a cut was not lost on me. I had always been an admirer, and had been to hear Albert and Hogan's Heros on a number of occasions in Dublin over the years. On one such occasion I went to see them at Whelans in Wexford street, and made sure that I had a couple of demos in my back pocket. After the show, Albert was surrounded by fans, but I managed to squeeze through and pass him my demo pack, with a wink and a nod ! Then in early 2006 I got an email from Los Angeles to say that Albert was in the studio with Buddy Emmonds, and they were recording my song, Working On Love ! It was released in 2006 on Albert Lee's Roadrunner CD on Sugar Hill Records. Another cut through my association with SongLink!

In 2002 I was at the Ulster American Folk Park in Omagh, Co.Tyrone, for the annual Bluegrass Festival, and top of the bill was the Nashville Bluegrass Band, which at that time featured Roland Whte on Mandolin. I got talking with Roland after their show, and although I had no demos with me on this occasion, we ended up discussing the possibility of pitching some stuff to them. Sometime later I spotted a piece in SongLink about the NBB looking for songs, and I sent a two-song demo to them in Nashville. Once again, to my utter delight, this resulted in their recording "There's A Better Way" on their "Twenty Year Blues" album on Sugar Hill Records, which went on to be nominated for a Grammy...

I mentioned earlier that I had been writing with several American writers over the past twenty years or so, and one of those, a man who has since become a great friend, is Keith Sewell. I first wrote with Keith when he came to Dublin in 2000, but ever since then we have written together both in Ireland and in the 'States and indeed, over the internet ! In 2004 I spent six weeks writing in Nashville while staying at the legendary Spence Manor on Music Row, situated about mid-way between ASCAP and BMI. Keith and I were at that apartment one afternoon, and both of our wives were going out on a shopping trip. They warned us that we should have a new song ready by the time they got back, about three hours. As soon as they were gone we set to work on a song called "Josie's Reel", based on the idea of Keith's grandmother as a young girl, dancing with a bunch of lads. When our wives returned, we had the song ready, and they both loved it. I pitched it to a Bband from Chigago called Special Consensus, and they released it on their 2006 CD, "Down The Trail Of Aching Hearts", on Pinecastle Records. Their version of "Josie's Reel" has since become a firm favourite among American Bluegrass Band, and has been recorded several times.

Another enduring contact I made through SongLink was with Barry and Holly Tashian, two of Nashville's most respected songwriting performers. I had first come across Barry's name on a Gram Parsons album, GP, way back in the early 70s. He had also served with Emmylou Harris for about ten years on Guitar, and I had read many's a sleeve note where he was credited as writer. Barry and his wife, Holly, welcomed me into their home, and we began a writing partnership that has endured. They have also recorded a number of songs I have co-written with them, including two songs on their current (2009) CD, The Promise, and the title track, "Long Story Short." That's released on Rock-A-Lot Records.

To go back to what I was saying at the beginning, most of my sucess with songwriting and getting songs recorded has been in some way connected with SongLink, and today that success remains a combination of good contacts through the magazine, combined with the personal touch. My most sucessful writing partner is Keith Sewell, and we got together as a result of my publisher, Peter Bardon, subscribing to David Stark's publication. When Keith was coming to Europe in 2000, he had put out a request for co-writers throught the magazine, and at that time, nobody else took him up on his offer, and that's how we got together! Keith has served a long and distinguished apprenticeship with the Ricky Skaggs Band, The Dixie Chicks, Sam Bush and Lyle Lovett. He has released three stunning solo albums, and his current CD on Rubber Dog Records just got a five-star review in Maverick Magazine ! I'm also delighted to say that it contains four songs I have co-written with Keith, including the title track, "The Way Of A Wanderer."

To sum up, I suppose it's fair to say that my sucess has been a result of a combination of things: A little inspiration, a lot of perspiration, good contacts and the personal touch! Many thanks to David and all at SongLink...

Niall Toner, songwriter
Co.Carlow, Ireland.

(c) 2010 Niall Toner



Newly formed South African song-and-dance trio La VuVuZeLa are following the release of their first of two No. 1 chart-topping singles "Be Mine Tonight" and "5 More Minutes" with their debut album, "In Stereo", which also contains a new World Cup inspired track. Titled 'Play To Win', the track will be released in April to radio and is hopefully set to follow in the footsteps of their previous tunes. Almost the entire album was put together as a consequence of placing leads in SongLink tipsheet, with contributions from writer/producers such as Charlie Mason, Bryan Steel (USA), Phil Ogden, Stephen Massa (UK) and publishers DSign Music (Norway), Chrysalis Music and Universal Sweden among others.

SongLink Success Story La VuVuZeLa
La VuVuZeLa

When you consider their speedy rise to success on SA's Nokia Top 40 charts, it's hard to believe that the three members - lead singer Tarryn Lamb and back-up dancers Tamsyn Maker and Samantha Heldsinger - met just six months ago after they were discovered by UK label, Sexy Records. Tarryn first met director of UMM, Unie Moller, in Cape Town a two years ago while he was scouting for talent. When he called her in July 2009 with the idea of starting an all-girl band, she jumped at the chance.

With Moller working from the UK and Tarryn in Cape Town, Moller placed an ad in SongLink to find the songs. Since then the girls' have put together their first single, 'Be Mine Tonight' in record time with the help of top international song writers and producers such as Jack D Elliot - who has worked with Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake. Their debut single "Be Mine Tonight" went to No. 1 on the Nokia Take 40 SA charts and went on to become the chart's 10th most popular record on their yearly top 100 chart. They also hit number one on Zane Derbyshire's HIGHVELD & KFM's Homebrew Top 10 Charts and since the release of their first album a second single titled "5 More Minutes" has also gone to No. 1 on the Nokia take 40 chart. In November last year, Lavuvuzela received airplay on commercial, community and university radio stations around both South Africa and Europe. They have also performed on local TV shows, 'Hectic Nine-9' on ETV and 'What's On' on Cape Town TV. Each of the girls has a musical background dating back to primary school. Tarryn and Sam are both recent graduates from the Waterfront Theatre School and Tamsyn has trained and performed with local dance company Afrika Ablaze.

"In Stereo", the key song after which the album is named has been remixed by one of Germany's hottest DJ's, DJ Falk, who has a daily show on Sunshine Live Radio ( in Germany. This remixed version of "In Stereo" has already become the Record of the Week on Sunshine-Live radio and will be promoted in Germany through Tiger Records who were voted German dance label of the year for 2009. La VuVuZeLa's new single, "Play To Win", will be released shortly in preparation for the Soccer World Cup which is due for release in April 2010 by Gallo Records/Sexy Records in amalgamation with the South African Football Association. LaVuvuzela have just finished a second European project as the featured vocalists with the highly successful European team known as "Hard Soul" with a song titled "Give A Little Love" set for release in Europe during April 2010. Within six months of their conception, LaVuVuZeLa have also been nominated for the South Africa Music Awards [SAMA] in the Best Pop Album Category with their album. For more information on La VuVuZeLa visit their website:


"Through SongLink, I pitched a song of ours to Plugged Records (Sweden), which made the Caroline W album released in early May. The song is You And I written by myself and Andy Quin, published by DeWolfe Music / Plugged Music." Teijo Agelii-Leskela, MD of Plugged adds, "Caroline W. is 19 years old and one of the hottest Swedish debut artists of this year, perhaps the hottest! She had a big break performing in the Eurovision heats and her voice has made an impact on people of all ages. Her first album Bossa Supernova has 12 songs which shows her roots from Brazil but also that crossover from jazz to pop which perfectly matches her vocals. I think there are other writers who did get cuts on it through SongLink."
-- Danny Davies, Pirate Management, UK

"I'm waiting for contracts from Feature Sounds of Hollywood for 20, yes 20, tracks of mine, mostly Celtic, but some Latin pop. They've already taken 4 Celtic tracks of mine. Bowman Music of Hawaii have recently signed 7 of my country songs, and I'm waiting for answers on four more. That's just since the start of the year. Thanks for the good work, and keep it up!"
-- Phil Mathison, UK

"Through the SongLink lead from by Antonia Lucas looking for top line co-writers last year, she and I wrote the top line and melody for a club track called Transatlantic by Damian DP and Jose Zamora. We then demo'd the track and the label (Baroque Records) who had signed the instrumental liked it so much they've kept our vocals, myself on lead, and both of us on backing vocals. We've also signed a small publishing deal for some TV/film music clips as a result of a SongLink lead.
-- Anthony Stubbs, Paleday, UK

"Our song Be A Man is being cut by Iris, a Russian artist on Sony Russia, for release sometime around mid-late summer. Written by myself, Pete Kearney and Keith Murrell, SongLink was responsible for this lead - the first one through SongLink for me, and proves it DOES work!"
-- Ian Curnow, EE Music Ltd, UK

"I have a cut on the latest album by Czech sensation Martina Balogov· (Sony/BMG), co-written with Robert D. Fisher. This was a direct result of the song, Someone Like You being placed on the SongLink Popkomm 2004 Song Seller CD. The song was quickly snapped up by Czech publisher, Petr Belohlavek of A-Tempo Verlag Publishing in Prague. Martina was one of the finalists in the Czech Pop Idol's TV programme and thrilled millions with her powerful voice and feisty performances. Her album I Am Not From Here was released at the beginning of May. An audio clip of their song can be heard at: (click on 'vstupte')."
-- Bruce R. F. Smith, (lyricist), Netherlands

"My publishing company, Eric Zukoski Music (BMI), got a cut on Neville Skelly's latest album (Pegasus Music) through a lead appearing in SongLink. Best, EZ."
-- Eric Zukoski, Dallas, USA

"We recently had a single cut by Suzanna Dee through Tony Hedley at TMC/Triad records through a SongLink lead. The title is Kiss Me All Over Again and should be Suzanna's next single - she charted last year at No. 35 with her debut Show Me Heaven."
-- Ben Robinson, B&N Productions, UK

"David, I just scored a deal for Living Loud (members of Deep Purple) with Jamie Talbot at Sony/Immortal Entertainment, and I also have VH1 considering the group. This is through a SongLink connection, thanks.
-- James Citcovik, Countdown Entertainment, New York

"My song China Doll was on SongLink's Winter CD 2004 for Midem, for which I subesquently signed a contract with Patrick Meads of Big World Publishing. In October 2004 Patrick placed the song with Oliver Mayer management in Swizerland for their Artist Sun'dra, whose debut album in Japan which was doing extremely well. I will obviously keep you informed of any further progress with my songs.
-- Rick Watkins, UK

"I thought I'd just get in touch to let you know the things that have happened since I signed up with SongLink International a year ago. For the first eight months nothing seemed to happen, and I was beginning to doubt if I'd made a wise choice in signing up, and sending out loads of demos. Then out of the blue in July I was offered a contract from Los Angeles outfit Mamalahoa Publishing for my pop song Deja Vu. This was followed in September by an offer from Feature Sounds of Hollywood for no less than four of my Celtic instrumentals. But that wasn't the end, for I received another contract in November from Purple City Music in Bushey, for a pop song called Coming Up For Air. What an end to a great year! So my message to all your subscribers is - keep pitching, SongLink really works! Thanks for all your efforts on my behalf."
-- Phil Mathison, UK

"In addition to a fantastic Latin style pop ballad by US based writers Wayne Gamache, Les Julian and Robert Tammaro, we have signed some great soul songs by the Soul Rising production team of Dave Hockley and Peter Marsh, plus some wonderful pop/R&B tracks by Robin Pinkney and Aidan Townend. We have also signed some songs by Yorkshire songwriting and production team Audio P, whose tracks include the bitter/sweet love song Bruised with melodic guitar melodies and the pop song Black Star Rising using traditional eastern instruments with a thumping bass line. Our catalogue continues to grow and we wish to thank all the writers who have been submitting material over the past 18 months. We're continuing to work hard to keep the holds/cuts coming in and will keep you updated."
-- Leopard Music Ltd, UK

I've got some interesting stuff happening which has come about through SongLink. The main one is a single release on June 27 for Adam Chetter's Genius Entertainment label. It's a charity 'Band Aid' style song called More Than The Need in aid of Metro Radio's 'Just For Kids' appeal and everyone is confident it will reach the Top 40. See and Also I'm working on two major projects with Ike Nossel (, and have some material assigned to Mamalahoa Publishing ( and am working with lyricist Chris Breen. All contacts as a result of SongLink magazine!"
-- Paul Jeffery, Brighouse, UK

"Thanks to SongLink we achieved a No. 1 single in the USA with 'Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You)' by Christina Aguilera."
-- Lars Wiggman, MD, Air Chrysalis Scandinavia

"Thanks for a great service - the best of its kind, I believe, on the planet!"
-- Ed Chalfin, Magic Fire Music, New York

"We have two new cuts with a major act thanks to SongLink. You're the best!"
-- Pelle Liddel, Murlyn Music, Sweden

"SongLink has been a tremendous help, many thanks to your organisation."
-- Richard Bassett, Bermuda Songwriters Assn.

"SongLink has helped us to place songs and make contacts all around the world."
-- Mark Winters, Active Music Managment, UK

"Your service is the best! No question."
-- Larry Killip, Songwriter, New Zealand

SongLink and Songs Wanted have helped to place songs with all these artists, among others:

Oleta Adams
(Mercury/Polygram USA)

Christina Aguilera

(RCA/BMG Germany)

Martina Balogova
(Sony/BMG Prague)

(Onadisc, Belgium)

Frances Black
(Dara Records, Ireland)

Ester Brohaus
(Edel Scandinavia)

Jennifer Brown
(BMG Ariola, Sweden)

Castor & Pollux
(CAS, Germany)

(Avex, Japan)

Sheena Easton
(MCA/Universal, USA)

(EMI/Virgin Europe)

Eliza B
(label tba, Germany)


Michelle Fenton
(FM, Australia)

Gibson Brothers
(Int'l Artists, Holland)

Goddess/Little Divas
(Teen Talent, USA)

Caroline Henderson
(BMG Denmark)

Deni Hines
(Mushroom UK/Australia)

I Ragazzi
(#1 boy band, Italy)

(Sony BMG Russia)


Keisher Johnson
(Rite Management, UK)

Sarah Jory
(Tamarin Records, UK)

Patricia Kaas
(Columbia/Sony, France)

(Mega, Denmark)

Mac & Katie Kissoon
(ABCD, Holland)

Carol Leigh
(EMI, South Africa)

Lion 5
(White Records, Germany)

Johnny Logan
(White Records/BMG, Germany)

(Atlantic, USA)

Amanda Marshall
(Sony, Canada)

(President, UK/France)

N Sync

(Bang Em Out Management, UK)

New Bucks Fizz
(Numinous, UK)

No Authority
(MJJ/Sony, USA)

Donny Osmond
(River North, USA)

(Sony, Ireland/UK)

Vivian Paige
(Grunt, Nashville)

(Numinous, UK)

(Byte, Belgium)


Cliff Richard

Denise Rivera
(JG Entertainment, Holland)

Dara Rollins
(BMG Ariola Germany)

Diana Ross
(EMI Records, UK)

Liliane Saint-Pierre
(Pyramid/Sony, Benelux)

Sandra Schwarzhaupt
(Columbia/Sony Germany)

(Virgin, Denmark)

(Plugged, Swe)

(CMC, Denmark)

(Polydor, Denmark)

Swept Away
(Teen Talent, USA)

(CAS, Germany)

(Naklar/BMG Berlin)

Tina Turner

Ruby Turner
(Indigo, UK)

Ultimate Kaos
(Mercury, UK)

Caroline W
(Plugged, Sweden)

Emma Lee Wagner
(Numinous, UK)

Simon Webbe (Blue)
(Innocent/Virgin, UK)

Wild Orchid

Yaki Da
(Mega, Denmark)

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